We just love bidding.

Bideed is the first online marketplace connecting buyers and sellers through live auction and post bidding in Singapore. Experience a whole new world of ecommerce where online shopping is also entertainment and social networking!

Live! Auction

Tired of losing out from a bid due to lag? Our live bidding system is made lag resistant – giving everyone an even fighting ground. With the instant win-and-pay feature, you will also never have to worry about dead buyers anymore!


Not a merchant but want to sell? We got you covered by taking old-skool auction and made it better! Regardless of whether you are a business owner or not, the Marketplace is definitely the place to give and get a good bargain!

To sell, simply upload a photo of the item on our app and let the bids roll in!


Be a Merchant with us.

So you are already selling as an online merchant but what’s next? Let us help you unlock your business’s maximum potential through improving customer engagement, increasing customer outreach and your sales results! With Bideed, you can run your business literally anywhere. So earn your money on the go!

Join us, as together we journey on making the online auction marketplace not only fun and safe to transact in but also profitable and sustainable in the long run.

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