Introducing the Bideed Blog

If you are here, you are probably hoping to get to know more about Bideed and how our app works. Because if you are, then you are at the right place!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Bideed Blog! Here is the content of what we will be discussing in our very first blog post:

  1. About Bideed
  2. Why was this blog created?
  3. What topics the Bideed blog will cover?
  4. Why we are covering these topics? (all the bullet points did not appear in the preview)

About Bideed

The Bideed Mobile App is the first online marketplace connecting buyers and sellers through Live Video Shopping and Auction in Singapore. Pronounced as Bid-it, the App’s name was derived from the act of buyers who would bid for their desired items during an online auction.

If you scroll through Facebook, you might have come across videos whereby people stream themselves live and sell items to their audience in an auctioning manner. These items can be literally anything from Feng Shui items, clothing, electronic goods, and even seafood! (Yes, it sounds fishy but we are not joking). The viewership for these videos can even go up to a few hundreds for the really popular Facebook pages, and there are a couple of good reasons why people tune in. We’ll explain it in further detail in our upcoming blog posts, but check out this example of a live auction conducted by S-Hook zeh zeh.

This was what really inspired us to create this app. We wanted to create a platform for everyone who loves live video shopping easily find all their favourite merchants under one roof and on the go. Aside from Live Videos, the app also allow anyone to post up an item up for sale through our app’s post-bidding system. Yet the best part of it all, the app elevates your shopping experience by focusing on the banes of other platforms, eliminating it, and adding our own Bideed twist!

While we work on releasing more blog posts in the future to explain all the earlier pointers we made in greater detail, in the meantime, you should download the Bideed App on your mobile devices to check it out for yourself! Available on both iOS and Android devices.

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Why was this blog created?

3 words: To Educate, Engage & Excite

From the day of our launch on 8 August 2018 up till now, we noticed two main issues. Firstly, while a number of people are aware about the power of Live Video Shopping and Auction, there is also a good number of them who still aren’t. Hence they were not inclined to try the Bideed app when it was first introduced to them, as the Live Video phenomenon was perceived as something very new.

Secondly, fresh app downloaders may be overwhelmed with all the features in the app, which could potentially cause confusion. So we want to ensure that even if we are introducing a bunch of new and cool features, they are easy to use for everyone and that no one gets left behind when it comes to getting used to the app!

That is why this blog was created. To educate the community about our app and the world of online live video shopping. We want to engage and connect with our people especially all the curious cats out there who wants to understand what our app is actually all about. Finally, we would love to share our excitement and celebrate all our milestones with you!

This blog will be your one-stop spot for everything you need to know about Online Live Video Shopping and Auction, and most importantly, the Bideed App. Take this like your textbook, but richer and more interactive. We will include images, screenshots, and videos to help you better understand the topics that we will be sharing in that specific topic.

What topics will the Bideed blog cover?

Here are some things we will be covering in this page:

  • What Online Live Video Shopping is, and why we think it’s important
  • How to use the app?
  • Why you should start using Bideed?
  • Events that Bideed has participated in
  • Exciting news such as new deals, partnerships and promotions that Bideed has in store for their app users
  •  (all the bullet points did not appear in the preview)

…and more!

For starters, you can check out our quick app tutorials as well as dive in to a little bit of what goes on during a typical live session on the Bideed App here on our Youtube Channel.

Did we miss out anything? Tell us! Leave us a comment down below or let us know your thoughts through our contact page.

Why are we covering these topics?

We want to share the power of online live video shopping to the world and what we believe is the breakthrough in online shopping and e-commerce. We also want to make your experience on the app an enjoyable and fuss-free one!

Come join the Bideed Family! We welcome everyone with open arms! Follow us on our social media pages! You can find them down below.

Download the Bideed App on your mobile devices. Available on both iOS and Android devices.

Till then, keep a look out for this space for new blog posts. Cheers! (Bolded words also does not appear bolded)

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