About the Academy

The Bideed Academy was founded with the objective of equipping both our registered Merchants and Live Auction Talents with the essential skill set and knowledge that they need to thrive in the Online Auction business arena.

Through our Educate, Train and Support framework, the Academy is focused on making the online auction marketplace not only fun and safe to transact in but profitable and sustainable in the long run.

I am a Talent

Whether you are an existing or aspiring live stream host, the Academy will put you under the right spotlight and transform you into a live auction superstar!

I am a Merchant

So you are already selling as an online merchant, but what’s next?

Let the Academy help you unlock your business’s maximum potential through improving customer engagement, increasing customer outreach and increasing your sales results!

Being a Merchant

There is no doubt that happy customers buy more and responsible sellers sell even more! This is why we started Bideed Academy!

Learn how to:

  • Engage your audience and sell what they want to buy
  • Identify market trends and product demand
  • Increase your viewership
  • Make your customers buy more and turn them into loyal fans
  • Increase sales without spending more time online
  • … and more!

Why join the Academy as a Merchant?


Merchants are promoted to ‘Verified’ status when they complete the entire suite of training workshops offered by the Bideed Academy. Verified Merchants are recommended more often as the trusted choice for buyers and naturally sell more!


Yes, FREE. If you are a registered merchant with Bideed, trainings provided by the Bideed Academy is absolutely free for you or your admins to attend. Just approach your assigned account manager for training information, get signed up and voila!


Our training programs are made concised to fit your busy schedule yet detailed enough to make a significant difference in how your business performs. Don’t take our word for it, sign up now if you are committed to starting or growing your online auction business in leaps and bounds!


Anyone can sell on Bideed and sell well because we will be there to make sure of that. We don’t believe there is anyone else who is just as invested in your business as we are, so trust us when we say that our trainings have been designed specifically to achieve your business objectives!

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