About the Academy

The Bideed Academy was founded with the objective of equipping both our registered Merchants and Live Auction Talents with the essential skill set and knowledge that they need to thrive in the Online Auction business arena.

Through our Educate, Train and Support framework, the Academy is focused on making the online auction marketplace not only fun and safe to transact in but profitable and sustainable in the long run.

I am a Talent

Whether you are an existing or aspiring live stream host, the Academy will put you under the right spotlight and transform you into a live auction superstar!

I am a Merchant

So you are already selling as an online merchant, but what’s next?

Let the Academy help you unlock your business’s maximum potential through improving customer engagement, increasing customer outreach and increasing your sales results!

Being a Talent

Always loved interacting with people, showcasing yourself and being in the center of attention? Why join the band of Social Media Influencers, usual Live Stream Hosts or even YouTube content creators when you can take one step further and be an online auction superstar?

Why join the Academy as a Talent?


It takes more than a pretty face or sheer talent to be a successful live auction host. Question is, how do you translate all the talent that you have into actual selling abilities when you go live? By attending the Academy, you will be equipped with all that you need to know about the online auction business in order to entertain, engage and interact with your audience and produce REAL sales results.


The Academy is your first step towards becoming an online auction superstar. As a Bideed Trained and Certified live auction host, you are crowned with the seal of quality assurance that merchants look out for when hiring an auctioneer for their channel.


They say if you are good at something, make sure you get paid doing it. And we totally agree! At the Academy, we make sure you get so good at selling that you get paid for it.


Becoming a Bideed Certified live auction host puts you right in the heart of our talent program where we are not only invested in your journey towards becoming a superstar in the online auction world, we will literally be there to support your growth as you go! From matching you with the most suitable opportunities to managing your portfolio and online presence, our talent management team will be there with you every step of the way.

Ready to take the first step?

Step 1

Sign Up

Help us get to know you better by completing the registration form. Our talent management team will be in touch with you within 1-3 business days.

Step 2

Attend Trainings

Get ready for your upgrade to an online auction superstar status as you go through our specialised training programs designed to transform even the most underperforming online auctioneer to a sales champion!

Step 3

Get Matched

Our talent managers will help match you with the most suitable opportunities available and voila, you just kickstarted your journey as a paid online auction personality!

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